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Highlights: 2018 Funclips Coupon Book

Printed and ready to ship are the Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga and Barrie city editions!

Valid now until December 20, 2018:

2-for-1 LEGOLAND Discovery Centre: Enjoy one FREE child pass with the purchase of an adult admission ticket at regular value. 3 duplicate offers found in each of the 4 city editions or get your single deal here:

2-for-1 The Wilds at Cedar Valley Golf. 2 golfers play a round of 18 holes for the price of 1! Great no nonsense course less than 1 hour north of Toronto. 3 duplicate offers found in each of the Toronto and Barrie edition or get your single deal here:

2-for-1 Admission @ Humber Cinema. Visit this amazing historic cinema built with Art Deco taste! 3 duplicate offers found in each Toronto edition or get your single deal here:

2-for-1 Big Slice. 2 offers for any size pizza and 1 for any entree. The Big Slice has been around since 1981, giving you authentic Italian flavour. 2 duplicate Pizza Deals are found in the Toronto edition or get your single deal here: AND  You can only obtain the 2-for-1 entree deal buy purchasing the complete 2018 Toronto edition book:

2-for-1 Kidsports Admission Pass. Over 18,000 square feet of FUN! For children 1-12 yrs. 2 separate play structures. Tunnels, tubes, slides & ball pits. Indoor cafe. An arena for floor hockey, basketball & soccer. 2 duplicate offers found in each of the Toronto, Oakville and Mississauga edition or get your single deal here:

6 various 2-for-1 DQ deals: all your favourites and valid at 4+ Toronto locations. American Dairy Queen Corporation is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. DQ® operators have been providing consumers with crave-satisfying treats and food since 1940. The best way to enjoy the 6 different coupons in each Toronto book is to buy the copy for $17.65 here:  SHIPPING IS FREE WITHIN CANADA

Take Note: Proceeds support local charity for each complete Funclips book that is purchased. To learn more about our 2018 charity support, visit here: 

With an estimated 65-100 amazing deals per Funclips book; there will be plenty of savings going on between you and your friends!

Take care and enjoy your day,
The Marketing Team

Yes, Even The CEO Uses Coupons

On a late Sunday afternoon during our March break and after coming back from a lengthy overnight road trip; my wife, son and I decide to visit a restaurant in our Toronto Funclips book! Consider it part of research and development (R & D) that goes on at Funclips Corporation. It's important to Papi (that's me) to occasionally use our own promotional deals and see for ourselves if various advertising partners make the cut! As customers, we want to partake in the experience of visiting many advertising Sponsors and confirm they maintain acceptable levels and service for inclusion in any of our marketing programs.
To refuel and treat our tummies we chose South Shore Bar & Grill, located at 264 Brown's Line, Toronto. Chicken wings was top of mind and we were long overdue. A place that has “grill” in their name better do up terrific job with wings. Arriving around 530 pm, we were 3 of only 5 people in the place, which was great because we got fast friendly service. The waitress was tentative while we needed more time to go over the menu. Prices were reasonable and there was a great selection of pastas, meat dishes including New York steak and ribs, sandwiches, nachos, burgers, wings, salads and many other items. At this point, I don't remember much more detail about the balance of the menu because all we wanted were wings. All the meals we ate that entire weekend were great tasting and not particularly healthy! As they say, you only live once!
Using a coupon, we ordered 2 orders of wings prepared in 2 different sauces: mild and hot, full rack of ribs with fries, pops and a pint of Canadian for me!
With the establishment being relatively quiet, I took the opportunity to walk around the nearly 3,000 square foot eatery to find a pool table, comfy sofas, a large bar and an array of large screen TV's broadcasting different sports. I even quickly stopped our waitress, with the chef nearby to ask if the sauce can be served “on the side” for one of the two chicken wing orders. “No problem” was the response and I went back down to our table.
The wings were served piping hot with carrot and celery sticks, ranch and blue cheese dipping sauces on the side: terrific! Bryan's meal must have been amazing as he didn't have time to say the words. He unapologetically and quickly chomped down on his ribs and fries! At one point however, the kid did offer up a few bones, and yes, they were totally scrumptious and fall-off-the-bone! For over an hour we shared in our freshly prepared dishes as our waitress came to check up on us a few times.
We had presented our coupon earlier, even though that's not always necessary and when the bill came, we saved $11.00!
Upon more R & D, we've discovered that South Shore is open daily at 11 am for breakfast (served all-day), lunch and you can use your Funclips discount offer anytime!
And yes; my tall pint was served perfectly chilled! All the great service and food made for a pleasant visit to this new 2016 Sponsor! We will definitely be going back to this Etobicoke restaurant pub!

Attract New Customers: The Why & How Guide to Advertising

In today's business climate, it often feels like you're in the jungle: busy, hot, sweaty and chasing the dream. In this analogy, the dream is most certainly the ever-powerful CUSTOMER! You want your voice to be heard through the noise of thousands of other businesses vying for the customer's attention.

The idea of advertising and marketing your brand can be a daunting task, but fear not; this article will attempt to breakdown the concepts into easily digestible steps!

Top 4 reasons business should advertise:

  •     Speak-out

  •     Attract Customers

  •     Deliver Message

  •     Pay Bills

At this point, let it be clear that we'll focus on restaurant as the business-type for this short article; though many of the same basic principles apply to countless other business-types.

Of the four points above there certainly will be overlapping of proven concepts, however breaking “advertising” down to smaller parts is a novel way to absorb and learn!

#1 Speak-out:

If you're running a business of any size; it's your job to tell everyone in your neighbourhood that you're open and these are the products and/or services our business offer. It all starts with location and visibility within that community. For example, if you're a restaurant; slapping that smart sign out front of the eatery definitely speaks volumes and says “Come in; we're in business!”. If you're in a moderately busy area, people passing by daily will be in the hundreds or thousands.

Sending printed flyers to homes and businesses in the surrounding area is a surefire way to stir up activity. You're trying to create word of mouth.

Your website will speak out for your business too, but be prepared to invest hundreds and thousands to create the desired traffic for your site. If budget permits, hiring people for your search engine optimization and social media approach will be money well spent.

#2 Attract Customers:

You need them and they need you; that's the equation. Your business should fill an obvious human requirement: coffee shop, breakfast, lunch, bar-saloon, diner or late night cafe. Never shy away; sometimes it will feel like performing “a little song & dance”. Share details in the window of your restaurant; such as your hours, special ingredients, cooking techniques, pictures, daily specials and any live music or karaoke. At every step; you will be building on your branding.

Your company logo needs to be a winner. The logo above your shop will often set the tone of the sort of food and ambiance you're providing. Your logo design should “attract” people with clear and simple attributes; delivering a terrific message.

Staff handing out promotional flyers on the street can be very effective. Some well-known franchise operations will even have staff in costume, waiving large promotional signs so that passing vehicles can see the message.

#3 Deliver Message:

Using the internet is a terrific way to message your community members. It speaks 24 hours per day, seven days a week! Make sure you smartly illustrate your domain or website address everywhere you deliver messaging to the would-be patron. Where to deliver your message can be a very difficult problem and so it's important to keep focused and set yourself a budget. Sticking to that budget can be a struggle as many forms of messaging companies (media, print, online shopping malls, search engines, newspapers, outdoor signage, television, social media, blah, blah, blah) can cut deep into your finances. Experts suggest that advertising should account for 5-10% of your revenue; so be careful.

While spending marketing dollars, be sure and track the outcome. This will require you and staff “asking” a particular question of the customer; such as “How did you first find out about us?!” Each time the question is asked, the answer should be collected for future data study. For example; you spend $10,000 on local radio and then later discover that 1 in 10 customers heard your ad campaign on the radio. You'll want to ask yourself the question, “Have the customer receipts covered the radio cost?”. Tracking spent advertising dollars to revenue is not an exact science, however it is a sensible move. There is little to gain spending $10,000 on advertising if you only realize customers that have spent a combined total of $5,000 during the campaign and the following month. Unless you have extremely deep pockets, don't fall victim to the notion that you need to exercise patience and continue spending more with that advertising or media company!

Choosing the right business partners to support your restaurant's advertising and marketing demands is a challenge. You'll need to do your homework and seek references from the various companies under consideration. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

#4 Pay The Bills:

Let us not overlook an obvious reason to advertise! Occasionally business can become slow, especially in off-peak times of year; such as after the holiday season. In January, February and March many households are struggling to pay for Christmas and New Year celebrations. As a restaurant owner, the continuous monthly bills from food suppliers, utilities, phone & internet companies, property maintenance, different government taxes, restaurant supplies and payroll all must continue to be paid or face possible restaurant closure!

Strategically advertising at the right times of year can help smooth out these financial challenging few months, especially when providing incentives to patrons. Coupons, special offers or deals can act as terrific motivating incentives and almost everyone appreciates meaningful discounts and free items.

Many restaurant managers and decision-makers may initially denounce at the idea of discounting their menu items, but when seeing dozens of customers fill their tables and a bustling dining floor, then all is bright in the universe.

Remember; to advertise is one thing, to keep them coming back is another topic entirely!

If you feel a marketing choice might be with Funclips, then why not drop us a line? Either call 416-243-9690 or message us

Monday, September 22, 2014

Highlights: 2014-2015 Funclips Coupon Book

Highlights in Toronto edition (valid now until August 31, 2015):

2-for-1 LegoLAND Discovery Centre: free adult admission ticket with each child admission purchase. 3 duplicate offers. Not valid during March break.

2-for-1 Fantasy Fair Admission Pass. Unlimited use of rides! Valid Mon-Fri and Not valid during March break.

2-for-1 Mission Pass @ Air Combat Zone. 3 duplicate offers.

2-for-1 Admission @ Humber Cinema. 3 duplicate offers.

2-for-1 Admission @ Putting Edge Glow-in-the-dark Mini Golf. 3 duplicate offers.

2-for-1 Big Slice. 2 offers for any size pizza and 1 for entree.

2-for-1 "Dishes" @ Paganelli's Risotteria.  3 duplicate offers.

5 various 2-for-1 DQ deals: all your favourites and valid at 4+ Toronto locations

 email to and place your PayPal Invoice order. Books is $19.95 (tax & free delivery incl) Reduced rate with 2+ copy purchase.

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait: sorry for our absence

Dear Supporters,

For some of you, it may have been challenging to get your hands on a new Funclips coupon book, and for that we do apologize. 

Our website is under construction and if you haven't gone to it, please do so and sign-up as a "subscriber". Signing up will entitle you to a whole new era for Funclips and allow us to share all the great new sponsors and their deals. Online offers are in the pipeline!

The newest version of Funclips: 2014-2015 copies for Barrie, Oakville, Mississauga and Toronto are fantastic and selling very well since June 2014. These books each typically have 100+ special deal coupons; most of which are 2-for-1 style offers and all expire August 31, 2015. 

Even though our full website is not functioning, you can still easily order online. We ask that you simply send an email to and we will email back a PayPal Invoice. With just a few clicks you can easily proceed to place your order, which will be mailed within 24 hours. 

If you need to know the list of sponsors (restaurants, attractions, etc) in any given book, feel free to email and John will respond with complete list of sponsors. In most cases using just 1 or 2 coupons will cover your Funclips purchase.

Charities supported this year:

Toronto: Sports For Kids
Mississauga: Sports For Kids
Barrie: Simcoe Community Services
Oakville: Community Living Oakville

2014-2015 Funclips Rates:

Toronto: $19.95 each (tax & *free delivery)
Mississauga: $19.95 each (tax & *free delivery)
Barrie: $14.95 each (tax & *free delivery)
Oakville: $14.95 each (tax & *free delivery)

2014-2015 Funclips SPECIAL REDUCED RATE: Keep in mind, our books make great gifts for family and friends. Reduced rate applies when buying 2+ of the same city edition:

Toronto: $16.00 each (tax & *free delivery)
Mississauga: $16.00 each (tax & *free delivery)
Barrie: $12.00 each (tax & *free delivery)
Oakville: $12.00 each (tax & *free delivery)

*Free delivery within Canada by Canada Post & normally takes 2-3 business days.

Once again, kindly visit and sign-up and enjoy your unique Funclips deals!

Yours truly,

Franz Cauchi
CEO, Funclips Corp

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Why Coupon Advertising through Funclips Is Worth It

Hi this is Tim Hodges.

Up until late 2012, I was the webmaster for Funclips Coupons. I also work as the marketing director for Forrest City Surplus and advise other businesses about  as a consultant.  In my role as a marketing consultant I advise many businesses looking for ways to attract customers through their business. As a marketing expert I believe that an option like Funclips that provides businesses with approximately 14 months of marketing for one incredible low price is an amazing deal. Funclips also has the benefit of being very trackable. With Funclips to track the success, all you need to do is count the coupons which are redeemed. It's that simple.  Just count the coupons that are received and you know how well your coupon in Funclips coupon did.  When it comes to comparing Funclips with other types of marketing the competitors have several drawbacks. Newspaper ads cost quite a bit more and are only shown once. They may have great initial exposure however once the newspaper is done with, your exposure is done as well. Radio is the same sort of thing. With radio you get 50 to 60,000 people hearing your ad for 30 seconds and then it's done, it's gone, there's nothing left.  It's very difficult to track the success either of these options.  Do you get a guy with one of those click counters to count the number of people that then walked in your store and see if it was higher than the previous weeks? Remember with Funclips you just count the coupons that your staff receives.

I believe in the power of coupons so much that when asked by another marketing agency for some advice on how to market a business cheaply I suggested that they look at coupon advertising in their area [the marketing agency was not in the Greater Toronto Area where Funclips is located].  If you work or own restaurant that is looking to fill tables, have a store and are looking to generate traffic or run a services business and are looking to attract new prospects then Funclips Coupon Books are a great option to add to your marketing plan.  The Funclips Coupon Salespeople will introduce your business through their interactions directly with clients. You can't get that kind of salesperson style exposure for your business anywhere close to the low, low price that Funclips charges.  In my opinion as a marketing expert I believe that Funclips coupons are worth the insertion price.  If you run a business or are the marketing manager for a business in the Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville or Barrie Ontario area I strongly recommend that you contact the Funclips Coupon's Sales Consultants today so that you can look at crafting a coupon advert for the next edition of Funclips Coupon Books.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hiring for a Sales Job in Toronto and Area

Funclips coupon books is preparing for its 2012 to 2013 coupon books and is looking to hire a coupon advertising sales person to help sell coupon books for the upcoming edition.  Each book helps raise money for a charity (Simcoe Community Services in Barrie, Oakville Community Living in Oakville and Sports for Kids in Toronto and Mississauga).
Sales experience is a must.
You must also have your own transportation as you'll be traveling from business-to-business throughout the Greater Toronto Area (Oakville, Mississauga, Barrie and Toronto).
If you up for the challenge we'd like to hear from you. please fax your resume to Franz at 416-243-7515.